The Michigan Masters Tournament

3 Day Neo Turf Masters tournament


  • Each day a different golf course is played by all entrants

  • Day 1: Germany

  • Day 2: Australia

  • Day 3: Japan

  • Golfer must be declared and locked on Day 1, no switching golfers between days

  • Only one course play is allowed per day. There are no second attempts

  • You must declare your tournament course play to a staff member for legitimacy before beginning.

  • Resetting a course play will lead to disqualification, the course play must be played in its entirety once declared as your tournament attempt

  • After tournament course play is completed, a staff member must be present to record the score officially.

  • The score from each day's course play will be recorded and tallied by staff

  • Tournament standings will be determined by the lowest score across all three days of tournament course play

  • Tournament course play can be done at any point during that day, but only for the hole designated for that day.