Michigan M@ster Stream Team

We couldn’t bring this awesome content to you without our stream team.
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Vampire Arcadia

Vampire Arcadia is a group based out of Cincinnati, Ohio that primarily plays Vampire Savior. AilerusAL and Servotronic work together to provide high quality streams for both retro and current-gen fighting games.


So I'm Dakota, or Gooshi, and I run Michigan's primary Smash 4 (soon to be Ultimate) stream, GooshiGaming. I've been Michigan's main Smash streamer since 2011 starting out with Brawl, some P:M, then transitioning over to Smash 4 in 2015. I've worked at tournaments such as The Big House, Frostbite, Smash N Splash, and Super Smash Con!


Poverty Game Night is a group of friends who have spent too much money on arcade boards and have lifted too many old TVs to not stream the old games we play. We build our own cords and play Third Strike.


Detroit's FGC scene is unique. It's bold, strange, and a gritty. i/o (short for "input/output", just call him "eye-oh") arrived a few short years ago and immediately became addicted to that Detroit flavor. Since then he's built the highest quality stream in Michigan, with the best tech anywhere. Why does he do it? Because he wants to share that flavor with the greater FGC, to highlight the local players, their skill, and their personalities. He brings that same passion to other communities looking for high quality production. Join him in that addiction on Twitter or YouTube.


I began streaming in early 2016 when I started running weekly casuals as well as a monthly tournament called Northern Conflict here in Traverse City. I began this as a way to market our players and our community to try and attract and encourage new players from around the state to join our community.

After I was able to get the hang of the in's and out's of producing professional-grade streams, I began doing personal streams in an effort to then market myself and my brand as well as the Northern Conflict tournament series.