Michigan Masters aims to host an event that welcomes players and spectators from all walks of life. With that, Michigan Masters has a no tolerance policy for violence, threats of violence, intimidation, inappropriate contact and all types of harassment (sexual, physical, etc.) Additionally, we also expect all players to be respectful to one another, the equipment, and any and all staff members/volunteers. Any incident or threat of violence, harassment, aggressive intimidation, or inappropriate contact of any kind (be it online, within our venue space, or at another event) will result in a minimum 1-year to lifetime attendance ban.

Attendees of Michigan Masters agree to be bound by the decisions of Michigan Masters event directors, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Michigan Masters reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify or remove any individual it finds to be tampering with the process or operation of the event, or to be acting in violation of event rules or Michigan Master’s code of conduct.


Bracket: A flow chart indicating who should play whom at any point during a tournament.

Round: A unit measured by the game. Once a player wins X number of rounds, he wins a game. Example: a player must get ⅔ round wins in order to see the “PLAYER X WINS” screen.

Game: A match between 2 players. In tournaments, players must win X number of games to win the Set. Example: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, due to the game’s extremely rapid pace, has a ruleset in which a player must when ⅗ games in order to be the winner of the set.

Set: Number of Games that must be won to advance to the next bracket round or claim victory of the bracket itself.

Bracket Runner: An individual chosen to run a bracket. A judge is a tournament official and will be empowered to control the flow of matches on a bracket. While Judges can resolve conflicts it is often advised that you seek out a Tournament Director for substantial issues.

Bracket Reporter: An individual chosen to utilize a digital device (tablet, phone, laptop) to record matches as they happen and report them on smashGG so that viewers can see the brackets progress from home.

Volunteer: An individual tasked with a minor duty to ensure an efficient, accurate, and fun tournament experience. Volunteers can only pass judgement as far as disqualifying an attendee from a bracket, any further must be taken up with upper level staff. Volunteers include, but are not limited to:

  • Bracket Reporters

  • Bracket Runners

  • Stream Runners

  • Commentators

  • Registration Desk

  • Security

Tournament Director/ Event Organizer: Individuals responsible for the event in its entirety. These individuals would be seen as the top of the food chain. These individuals may pass judgement as far as removing an individual from the event itself, and invoking an indefinite suspension from Michigan Masters. These individuals include: Jay Gary. Haley Dawn. Mia Martin.

Staff: Individuals with responsibilities to ensure the tournament and streams are running efficiently and properly, as well as that the overall rules are enforced. These individuals reserve the right to take action that will preserve the equipment quality should an attendee be in risk of damaging it. These individuals include Stream Directors and Co-Directors & Equipment Providers.

Volunteers: Individuals with responsibility to ensure that brackets and streams are ran properly, but are not directly hired by the Tournament Directors. These individuals reserve the right to disqualify someone from a bracket should the CoC be violated or should the player be absent/tardy.


Pre-Registration ends on April 4th, 2019. At this point, all paid registrants will be seeded into brackets. Emergency registration is an option at Michigan Masters given that empty byes exist in brackets. Once all empty byes are filled, emergency registration for a game will close. Players are not seeded during emergency registration and are responsible for checking their pool assignments. Emergency registration for a game ends 2 hours before the final pool bracket, or when all byes are filled. Michigan Masters reserves the right to not accept emergency registration for a game for any reason.

What is a reason MM may not accept emergency registration?

At Michigan Masters, we seek to provide attendees with an efficient and high quality event.  In the event of an equipment failure that may prevent us from finishing on time, we would cease to accept emergency registration in the best interest of all attendees and volunteers.


Players are responsible for knowing their pool assignments. For pre-registered attendees, players can expect to know their pools in the latest 3 days before the event. Players should be ready to play as early as 12pm on the Friday of the event. Preferential pool placement is not provided at Michigan Masters.  


Players should be ready to provide a government issued Photo ID upon badge pick up. If underage, a school ID (or a parent) is also acceptable. Players may also show their registration email if they are unable to provide an ID.


Pausing during a Game at any time results in a round forfeit. A pause during a Game’s final round forfeits the Game. You may lose a Set on a forfeited Round. In games such as Blaz Blue Cross Tag Battle, where rounds do not exist, you would lose an entire game.

Wireless Controllers, unless specified in a tournaments individual rules, are banned.

In the event that an attendee who is not currently playing causes a pause on the screen due to the current players not desyncing their controller-- the current players shall reset the Game so that no individual has an advantage. There are absolutely no gentlemen’s agreements.


You are required to check into your pool 10 minutes before it starts. For example, if you are in a 12 PM (Noon) pool you need to check in with your bracket runner by 11:50 AM. If you are in a 5 PM pool you need to check in by 4:50 PM. If you are not checked in when your pool starts you are subjected to disqualified from the first round and thus sent to the Losers bracket. Bracket Runners will not disqualify you until you are holding the bracket up from proceeding, but do not think of this as extra time. Additionally, you, the player must check into your pool. Your friend may not check into a pool for you.


You can be disqualified for not following event and/or an individual game’s tournament rules. If you are disqualified from a game you are not entitled to a refund. If you do not know where to be and at what time, or what rules to be following, ask a tournament director or bracket runner. Tournament Director rulings are final.


You are allowed a single coach during your Set. Your coach may not advise you during the match itself. Coaching between games in a set can last for no longer than 1 minute. Coaches who interfere with your opponent physically, or yell at them abusively, may lead to you being disqualified. Implementation of this punishment is at the Tournament Director’s discretion.


All controllers, even those for casual play only, are required to be wired to a console. Wireless controllers, of all kinds, are not eligible for play unless specified as legal in a game’s individual rules. A wireless controller with the batteries removed and powered exclusively through a USB connector will be considered legal. Wireless controllers that operate exclusively through a USB dongle will also be considered wired controllers. 

You are responsible for your controller and its functionality. If your controller’s wireless sync interferes with tournament matches it will be confiscated. There is a zero tolerance policy at Michigan Masters for controller’s that pause another competitor’s match. If you are found to be using an unapproved wireless controller you will be disqualified from the tournament and have your controller confiscated until the end of the event.

Turbo and program (macro) functions in all controllers are banned. If you are caught using them you will be disqualified for cheating.

Wireless Pro Controllers are allowed for Smash Ultimate. Any other wireless control must be approved by the smash tournament organizers.