Show off your art at Michigan M@sters!


we welcome any and all art or creations!

The main lobby of Michigan Masters will feature limited space for artists to display and sell their works. There are only 8 available tables, so not all submissions can be accepted. Should tables still be available after submissions close, they will be open to artists on Thursday prior to the tournament on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Application deadline is March 31st

  • Six foot tables will be provided to confirmed artists

  • Power will be run to the table on request

  • Artist Alley opportunities are for individual creators wishing to sell personally made items

  • Each approved artist will be promoted on the @MIMasterFGC twitter account

  • Approved artists may decorate their table space as they please (banners, self-supporting build-outs, etc)

  • Artist Alley tables at Michigan Masters have a $150 fee, this will act as a venue badge if approved.

Sales Limitations:

  • Items for sale cannot be commercially produced (Digital prints of your art, comics or zines you may have worked on, and short run toys you designed are allowed).

  • Items for sale cannot be purchased from a 3rd party producer.

  • If your wares are found to be bootlegs your table will be removed and you will not be refunded.

  • Sexually explicit items for sale must be bagged and/or properly censored. Your table will be removed and you will not be refunded if you fail to comply with this limitation.

  • Any sale of weaponry (ex: custom metalwork weaponry) is not allowed

We here at Michigan Masters look forward to seeing your creations and hope you have a successful time at our event. If there is any issue with the form below or you have any questions please contact us at @MIMastersFGC or